I ignored the words of wisdom that he spoke. I forged my own path even though that route was broken.

Should have listened to him for he knew what was to come, yet I chose to remain oblivious and now I’ve come undone.

Have a piece of humble pie I hear him say! I hear him say. You eat it all, now learn from this, your lesson waits now don’t delay.

His past words of wisdom now echo through time to me. I finally understand that it was never to control me or to bark a command but rather share his knowledge and to lend his wise old hand.

Insight– A little insight and history to this poem; I wrote this poem about my father around twenty years ago. It holds a special place to me and I think it is something alot of us can relate to in the way that we were all young thinking we knew it all with parents just trying to guide us along our correct path. My father…. He is wise, has really lived! He use to play Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd on his guitar to me and we would go everywhere together on the trains around the UK and visit old castles and monuments. We would go up the mountains at night and watch thunder storms and the stars on clear nights. He would teach me about the constellations. We would go fishing and take egg sandwiches which were always warm by the time we had reached our destination. He would take me metal detecting with him.

Isn’t it funny how we do not see the wisdom and lessons offered until after our choices are made, always thinking we know best (I guess that is our ego hey). If we would only stop to observe and take in the advice of those around us. Here I am now sharing this poem with you all and I hope it touches you, and that you relate and can connect with it.