The good intentionLook at us, what a mess I must confess! My good intentions have put my morals to the test. Look at you with your mind games, it seems you made me the jest. I lowered my standards, all for nothing it would seem, for a good intention I now detest.

The wall- You tore down my walls to reveal my naked soul, then buried me with the very bricks that fell.

The dance- She danced with the devil. He set her on fire. It was a lesson well learned as she stood there burning. He watched in delight and waited for her to distinguish the flames herself, then he picked her up and placed her upon his conquests shelf.

Love– Day light comes, day light fades. Days are filled consumed by you. The sun still shines when rain falls heavy whenever you smile the way you do. So many words, no way of explaining how you make me feel inside. All of my emotions stripped, so bare. I am blinded by your energy, so deep I lose my mind. I am yours. (For Gav)

The Narcissist- Super sonic spaced out freak, flying around in your super man cape, saving, helping. So damn sleek. Perfectly complete in a million different ways. You’re a super human specimen sent here to save the day. Clever, knowing, owning your brand with your perfect execution of your laid down plan. Mind bender, hypnotic with your ways. Always gaining trust and respect. Deflecting what you truly crave. You imprint yourself onto unsuspecting souls seeking love, then implement your game plan with them the pawn in your unfair game of one. An infection, highly dangerous, an invisible human flaw who likes to play with peoples emotions in his game of life with endless points to score.

Insight- Here are a collection of shorter poems/ poetic ramblings that didn’t really warrant having a post to themselves. As I share more of my work with you, I see a pattern. My poems are my thought processes in poetic forms, my emotions in poetic forms. A therapy if you will. I feel that this is what gives my own work meaning for me. It is a history of my journey and exploration of my mind and healing there in black and white. For everyone this will be different but whatever our reasons for writing or reading poetry I think it all comes down to our emotions, feeling, or wanting to feel and to connect with something/someone or sometimes to escape to an alternate reality and just not be where we are right now but elsewhere, lost in a painting of a beautiful sunset or reading a book and walking the path with the characters. To be a part of something bigger than ourselves. I think that any form of art is incredible, whether it be music, painting, drawing, writing, singing, dancing (creating or receiving) Art and creativity in all ways heals us and helps us. It is there through good times and bad times and can make us feel a multitude of emotions. It connects us as humans with one and another and that is a pretty incredible thing hey. Crystal