I inhale every inch of your essence and exhale you from my frame. I sense you deep in my body running through my veins. Your ushering soothes my busy mind as the wind rages through your core. We unite our spirits, becoming one energy swaying back and forth. I embrace you just as you are, accepting every minute detail you hold. I know you accept my being too as a part of your story to be told. I am a forest child.

Insight– This poem is an expression of my love for nature, forests and our mother Earth. It is an expression of how I feel and how being outside with our Earth makes me feel at home and at peace. Nothing else matters, I am just there in that moment, listening to birds chirping, bees buzzing, squirrels scurrying, trees blowing in the wind, rivers raging or streams trickling. Feeling the moss on the trees between my fingers, grass between my toes as I walk barefoot to connect even further. For me it has always played a huge part in my mental health and always will until I am returned to the stars as stardust. It was great to see during lockdown that a lot of people who had otherwise lost touch with our beautiful Mother Earth, reconnect. Those who had become oblivious and almost robotic in the way they lived their lives. I hope that as we come out of our lockdowns worldwide and return to what use to be normal, that people keep this new found respect and love for nature and keep on connecting. We are never too busy for nature and to appreciate what we have in abundance for free!