She perched upon the chair listening as the acoustics of the crisp white room seemed to change. Her eyes glanced over the white sheet that was soaking up every sigh, every twitch. Her mind wandered as she detached herself from the grim reality that presented itself before her. White sheet, where have you been? What sights have you witnessed? If you could speak what would you declare? would you tell me stories of devotion and care? Of Doctors and Nurses giving more than their all, or of last conversations tell me would you recall? The stillness of the night permeated her existence as a heavy blanket of sombre thoughts weighed her down. The distant echo could be heard of beep, beep, beep and the scurrying of shoes that belonged to staff with little to no sleep. Her eyes once again locked onto the sheets matter. It was marred with slight stains, here and there an odd tear. White sheet are these the scars of memories you must bare? Are they washed away with every launder you receive? Are they stuck to you like glue, an experience in every stitch, in every weave. The darkness of the ward lay audience to glimmers of light that played hide and seek as they were projected on to the walls, With the curtains as the puppet master dancing in the gentle breeze, releasing light sporadically from the moon that shone proudly in the star lit sky. She returned back to the now, to the soul that was to ascend and she fully comprehended how life is a gift and should be lived to the fullest. She thanked the white sheet for behind her thoughts it had been the catalyst.

Insight- I started writing this poem a few months ago and have just now finalised it.. I work in a hospital and what prompted me to want to write this was… I sat with a patient who was passing from covid and my mind wandered as I looked around the room and glanced over the white sheet that was on the bed. My thoughts went far and wide and I knew that I wanted to remember that moment and to capture that moment in a poetic way. My mind is a very deep place, my thoughts run wild and they run far into that wild on a daily basis. Being able to write poetry, create art and photography have always been an escape and a therapy for me. I feel things, I experience things, then I want to capture them in some way. Whether that is through a painting, a photograph or through some form of poetic rambling. A little more about this poem….. I hope it touches you, I hope it makes you think. Life is short and we do not get to do this over again. Love, live and laugh. I hope you enjoyed reading this poem and felt the emotions that I wanted to portray.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog.