The veins of life are abundantly clear as I gaze across the scenery. It is in the deeply rooted trees, and mapped across the leaves. I am humbled by our Mother Earth like a play performed before me. I have front row seats to the circle of life for which I am more than willing to sit, listen and watch intently. With endless rows of golden dancers, In an autumnal breeze that sway to and fro , sending campfire smells that penetrate my soul. I perch beside a river of shimmering, metallic glory. Moving with purpose in all its grace, there is a lesson here to learn I see. Rain cascades from a monochromatic sky, tapping at my skin like gentle reminders of my existence. Every drop soaks my senses, clears my mind and I am honoured to be aware that I am a small consciousness who is a part of much larger presence.

Insight- I wrote this little poetic ramble whilst out walking and observing in my local forest. Whenever I go outside, this is how I feel. Humbled always by our Mother Earth and the beauty of this planet and further still our universe and solar system. It is mind boggling to contemplate our existence, how very minute as one single human we are compared to the entire universe. My mind wanders and goes further afield. Are there others like us or alien to us looking out into their universe, humbled by their planet and existence and contemplating what the meaning of all this is? Wondering about life else where. It really is so much to take in that sometimes I have to just stop as it is so very overwhelming. What an amazing thing it is to live with a consciousness of ones existence and what could and does exist all around us also hey.