She stood there, shiny and glazed, radiating an energy that drew people to her soul… She had porcelain skin with the most beautiful patterns gracing her entirety. He wanted her immediately and so he claimed her like a prize. He gloated to all, parading her and showering her with much love and attention. She felt like the only China plate in the whole world. But his appreciation was shallow and she was to learn that it came with much compromise. She was delicate, with a fragile frame. This he knew. He chose her as such so he could enjoy his game all the more. He threw her and watched with glee as she shattered into pieces, then left her on the cold, hard floor. She lay there shocked, confused and frozen with fear. She was unable to move. He eventually picked her up, and piece by piece he glued her back together, acting the part of a knight in shining armour who had come to rescue his fair maiden. “There, as good as new! you are whole again!”. Whole again?. All her pieces were back in their rightful places but something was amiss. She was not as good as new, for no matter how well she fitted back together the cracks still showed. She knew she had to go, and so she left. For the longest time the China plate could not look at her own reflection as she could only see him through the scars that laced her skin, but as time passed her by she learned that her scars showed a warrior! a survivor!. She decorated her scars and she wore them with a new found love for life. Her energy returning to its former glory, if not even brighter because now she carried with her the wisdom of her past experiences.

Insight- This was originally going to be a poem and what you read is the the base or the idea behind it. However, I like it as it is, so decided I would share it with you as it is. It is a poetic story. It is a story of triumph over conflict, pain and a story of survival. So many of us, no matter what our backgrounds, life experiences and stories can become trapped in a painful and dark cycle of self destruction. We search for cures, saviours and anything that alters our reality, or helps us escape our reality rather than deal with what is in front of us. We sometimes stand in our own way of recovery but we should not run or hide from what we have lived through. We should not run or hide from who we were or from our past experiences as they shape who we become. To accept our past, whether we were hurt or were not to good ourselves, shows growth and leads us down a path of growth. We should always look at ourselves as ever evolving and always learning lessons. We should own our past as it teaches and enables our future selves to grow. At least this is my belief. It took a long time for me to learn this and for me to realise that it was myself who needed to accept me and help me. I hope this insight helps you. Thanks for taking the time to read. Crystal.