Through storm of sea, through time and tide She searched for answers far and wide. In hazy mist and sun starved land, she scoured every grain of sand. She disappeared in caves and nooks, always overlooked by a wise old rook. She finally found what she had sought, as it emerged from the darkness of her deepest thoughts. Her search had led her back to home, within her very flesh and bone. There, the truth streaked in the veins along her skin as she realised her original sin.

Insight- This poem came to me as I stood watching the waves roll in on a beach where I live. I go to nature whenever I am calm, sad, angry, confused and so on. It helps me gain clarity when I seek answers and it’s as if our mother Earth helps me to unravel the mystery that is my thought process and how I am the way I am. She also gives me the space to release and gain control of situations and of my mind. Being outside and connecting with nature whether that be a waterfall, the sea, a forest etc, helps me to access parts of my subconscious that are not obtainable when I am sat indoors. This poem hopefully expresses this. I hope it conveys the human mind and how being in nature can help us seek out peace and comfort and how it gives us a place that is always home and where we are always welcome and always leads us back to our own truths. I am sure many of you feel this way too and hopefully you can connect with this little poem I have shared with you all today. Thankyou for taking the time to read. Crystal