The distance between the Moon and the Ocean did not hinder their unbreakable bond. Connected by an invisible force that could be felt with the pushing and pulling of the tides.

Both powerful in their own right, yet without each other they would become their own biggest weakness. Soul mates of the cosmos, complimenting each other in such magical ways.

Though the Moons phases waxed and waned, though the Oceans tides rose and receded, their connections never changed, never faded.

Oh to find a love as such she fantasised. To be connected so deeply with another that I feel his push and pull on my very being, affecting my every breathe as he fills my lungs with his very existence.

To be so intertwined with each others core that no matter how distant we are, our energy can be felt with an unspoken understanding that we will always be there, ever present, ever connected.

INSIGHT- It has been a while since I have posted hey. Apologies. I have had other projects that I am working on and prioritising needed to be made, with compromises on what I could put my energy into. I never stop thinking of my poetry and my self portrait’s though. Always writing down scribbles when on the go and an idea hits my heart and soul. This is a recent poem inspired by my deep thoughts on our Moon and how she is connected to the Oceans that cover our Earth and in turn the Oceans connected to her… and what a connection hey!! They need each other for their existence and are both powerful because of this. Yet without each other their power would cease to exist with any kind of harmony. It had me thinking about our connections as humans and how we can grow with the right soul next to us. To find another who compliments you and you them, making each other powerful. Each knowing that the light that shines from within does not outshine another but highlights. Long and deep thoughts run through me on this and hopefully given you food for thought too. Thankyou for popping by to have a read. Crystal