Her shadows dark, there is no light or sound. Silence surrounds, yet her thoughts deafeningly loud. No words will be uttered yet so much will be said, Long lost buried answers will be found.

Regret and realisation force a battle between her ego and soul as evolution takes its course, and her choices she must own.

She must take ownership, accept responsibility in situations that broke her heart. For she knew deep down the contract she had entered right from the start.

Acceptance will be key. Accepting what has passed. Accepting the role she played as their egos danced and danced.

He the catalyst for her spiritual path, he ignited her soul and remains ingrained in every detail of her life in the aftermath.

INSIGHT Have you ever sat down alone and done some shadow work? Looked within yourself and your own toxic traits? It is a difficult thing to sit down and own your part in situations. To realise that we all make our own choices and A lot of the time we know situations may not be good for us but enter into them anyway. Some times we enter situations without even realising why or how but the aftermath leaves us questioning EVERYTHING. We can be harsh on others And/or harsh on ourselves. How about this? Instead, we sit with our thoughts and consider the what’s, why’s and how’s of our own individual journey? Consider how others still present in our lives or long left played their part as your soul and their soul became intertwined. Allow ourselves the freedom to observe our behaviours and not judge. Instead, learn, grow and adapt. Teach ourselves where we went wrong with the same love and patience you would a child learning how to tie their shoes. Forgiveness is a strong emotion that many never grasp especially when it comes to themselves. Thanks for reading. Crystal