Ever his presence resides within you. Ever haunting everything you do. Memories inhaling, exhaling. They become the air you breathe and without them surely you would cease to exist.

Ever casting shadows from the sun that lights your way. Ever silencing you from what you yearn to say. This you prefer though because its better than the alternative, that he would be gone forever, no nostalgia tied into your suffering.

Ever his ghost haunts your empty space, ever making his presence known as you remember his embrace. He walks alongside you. With his wise and patient counsel he guides you still. Replaying old lessons like a broken record spinning infinitely.

Ever you refuse to release him from your mind, ever he remains to help you search for what you will never find. Ghosts are just that, an energy from your past. A moment in time that was never built to last.

You still will never let him go... I know.

INSIGHT– A poem for you to ponder. Take from it what you will and apply it to however it may give you meaning. It has meaning for me but for once I will keep this to me as I would like you all to read it subjectively. Crystal