If the ground is cold and wet, it shall still be just fine as my bed. With moss as a pillow, and a shelter made of the finest materials one could hope for, of branches, leaves and dirt to protect my weary head. If the sky should release heavy tears from its clouds, it shall be plenty for me to renew my long flowing mane, I shall wear those raindrops on my head like a crown. I will cleanse my skin and renew my energy, If the sky bares down it shall be just fine for me. If the Sun beams are unbearable in the middle of the day, I shall find the shade of woodland where I shall forage from the abundance on display. I will watch from the shadows as the sun shares its gift to our mother Earth in the form of endless rays. I shall be thankful to experience these gifts, I shall be just fine if I stay. If my old and tired frame should lay on the ground one last time, unable to stand and continue, reclaimed by the land as I leave this world behind. I shall say my final farewell and be grateful to have experienced this life, to have been a small part of a much bigger existence shall give me such immeasurable pride.

INSIGHT- How I connect with our planet and universe is a very special thing to me. I hold such gratitude for all of life and the experiences within it, none more so than those given by the nature all around us. I really feel deep within myself such strong emotions when rain hits my skin or the wind blows my hair. When I wake early to see the sun breaking through thick layers of mist or the frost glittering across surfaces…leaves… a flower. My past trauma created this awareness in me, an awareness of everything! whereas before it was more of a trauma response and survival mode, it no longer is. Now I have had the time to work through my past, the traumas I have lived through and come to terms with them, learned coping strategies, triggers and how it has changed me forever, never to go back to who I was before (Who was I? I cannot even remember that past me) It has left me with eyes wide open to the beauty of our world and a deep gratitude for all I experience, for all I witness from the beauty around me. Do you feel this too? have you ever sat and listened, even if you have just a few minutes to spare. Take in everything. From the sounds to the smells to sensations of wind or rain. To grass wet, glossing your skin ever so slightly… nothing will seem so serious when you do this. You will be humbled by your existence and by our universe 🙂 Crystal