To him she was a blank canvas that needed to be filled in. He was happy to oblige even though she had not asked. He added a little blue here and red there, where ever he felt she needed a different colour, her views he did not care. His master piece was no where near to what the original was and he soon learned this, as the colours he created blended into one muddy mess, he stood back to view what he thought true and now it made no sense. He began to hate her for this and her own original master piece he would detest. She explained to him, she was not his to create. She already had been working on her canvas for decades before they met. She was her own work of art and though others could add to it, it was her choice who she added and not his to invent. We are all our own works of art, built with layers of paint that hold memories. They become our core, and beneath layers there’s always more than we allow to most people to see.

INSIGHT- Colour me perfect was an idea I had just recently when I created the self portrait you see above. I thought about how people, (And I include myself here in this mix) can project an ideal onto someone. Maybe it is a new lover? or a friend? boss? I guess it can be just about anybody. We build up an idea of who they are and then when they show us who they are, we become disappointed or annoyed they are not who we thought them to be or built them up to be. This can work a few ways here as I work through my thought processes about this. Firstly as a conscious and aware mind, I know I have done this myself in the past and I choose to always go forward and give time to learn who someone is rather than paint my own version. Secondly I’ve had it done to me by ex Partners and friends where they have become quite annoyed at me not being the version they wanted me to be. And so I will move onto narcissistic individuals. The ones who create their version of you and no matter what, to them, that is who you are because that’s the role you play in their mind and life. They work purely on their own ego and this unfortunately will never change for them. Some people evolve and learn from their past mistakes, past habits, past lessons. Some people do not. Have you ever been guilty of doing this to someone? not realising you were doing it until afterwards and you allowed yourself to process the whole connection, situation. Maybe you have been, not realised it and reading this has given you a light bulb moment? Whatever reason you are reading this, I hope somehow you connect and it has given you food for thought. As always, thankyou for reading. Crystal